Wild Stir Fry

I have always loved going to Farmers’ Market.  Spring means wild mushrooms, fiddleheads, stinging nettles, micro greens and lots of edible flowers…IMG_5223Today I made Wild Stir Fry.

Ingredients: morel, maitake mushroom, coral Mushroom, fiddlehead and stinging nettle.

Method: Wash all of the above.  Be careful when handling the stinging nettle.  I use tongs. Add the nettles into hot water then chop into large pieces.  Keep the moral as is, and tear the maitake and coral mushrooms into smaller pieces.  Heat a frying wok, and add one table spoon oil (I like avocado oil).  Add the mushrooms and fiddleheads and stir fry.  After about five minutes, add salt to your taste.  Lastly, throw in the nettles, and cook for another five minutes.  Serve and enjoy!





It’s a Mother’s Day Gift

It’s a Mother’s Day Gift

My eight-year old son is a computer geek. Today he spent his whole afternoon creating his own blog.  Later he asked me, “Mama, would you like me to make you a blog?”  That sounded like a great idea to me, as I have always been interested in writing a food blog.  I enjoy reading others’ recipes when I am out of ideas of what to cook for family and guests.  I am Chinese, but I cook all kinds of food.  Friends all seem to love my food, and talk about it all the time.  Why don’t I start a blog to document all the interesting and good food I create?  I immediately said yes.  He was excited!  So that is how this blog was born.  It was born with love from my son.  And when I tucked him in tonight, he told me this is his Mother’s Day gift for me.  I like the idea.  It is inspiring.